Hola! I am a Spanish illustrator, character designer and creative writer based in Madrid, with my puppy and coworker Bruce. On top of a 20 years career as a creative director and copywriter, taming words and concepts to build brands, I always illustrated and wrote artistic books too, and kept on forever studying arts. I basically love playing with ideas to tell the story both with images and words. Like I do in books as “Everything reminds me of you” or “The flying Heart. I believe a good illustration makes people´s ideas better and more appealing. So, if you like what you see around here, and want to commission me for editorial writing and illustration; children storytelling; graphic communication or any other visual works, let´s talk!


Categorías: Ilustración Infantil,Publicidad,Álbum ilustrado,Concept art,Animación,Diseño de personajes,Cartel,Personal,Cómic,Lettering,Juvenil